Reptile Live Food

Reptile Live Food
Feeding your reptile livefood such as live locusts promotes natural hunting exness trader, stalking and waiting behaviour from your pet which keeps him active and occupied and makes him much more interesting for you to watch. The live food will hide behind your plants and decor for an extra challenge in your pets day. We have a varied selection of live food insects for your reptile such as locusts, brown crickets, black crickets, dubia roaches, mealworm, giant mealworm, mini mealworm, morio worms, calci worms, fruit beetle grubs, earthworm and fruit fly.
Our reptile live food have a good nutritional value, but are much better if fed with a gut loading diet to boost the vitamins and minerals which will be passed on to your pet.
Livefood come in various sizes and quantities, single tubs also known as pre tubs and bumper packs for more value for your money or in bulk also.
They are packed in a ventilated tub or bulk bag, with cardboard insert and feeding bran exness.
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